Chhurbura roh em em; Nahaia'n neihsak phet a tum!


Iranian pastor khaihlum tur lehkhathawn

Kum 33 a upa, Iranian pastor chu khaihlum tura a chung thu rel ani. Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani hian, kum 2009 khan, Iran a sikul zawng zawng a; Kristian naupangte pawh Koran chhiar tir thin chu a duh lo thu asawi chhuah atangin, Muslim 99 % awmna Iran sorkar chuan a lawm lo hle tawh a. A hnua, a kohhran (house church ) member 400 vel awmna  chu register a tumna lamah; sorkar thuneitu lam chuan, Muslim dang te Kristian a siamah puhin an man ta a.  Kristian sakhua a phatsan chuan chhuah zalen anih tur thute pawh an hrilh. Nimahsela, he pastor hian a rinna chu phatsan a tum lo thu a hrilh atangin man ania, chuta tang chuan lunginah khung ani ta. A Supreme court ah hial ngaihtuah anih hnuah, thiamlohchantirin khaihlum tura a chungthu rel ani a, final verdict nghah mek ani.Khawvel ram hrang hrang a Kristiante atan an tawngtai mek, i tawngtaipui ve theih phei chuan a lawm awm ngawt a. Nupui neiin, fa pahnih anei bawk.

Tanin atanga a a kohhranhote lehkhathawn hian min khawih riau mai a, kan chhawpchhuak ani e. ( Source : CLIK )

This message has been translated from Farsi to English.

Dear brothers and sisters, Salam

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am continuously seeking grace and mercy to you, that you remember me and those who are bearing efforts for his name in your prayers. Your loyalty to God is the cause of my strength and encouragement.
For I know well that you will be rewarded; as it’s stated: blessed is the one who has faith, for what has been said to him by God, will be carried out. As we believe, heaven and earth will fade but his word will still remain.

Dear beloved ones, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few verses, although you might know them, So that in everything, you give more effort than the past, both to prove your election, and for the sake of Gospel that is to be preached to the entire world as well.

I know that not all of us are granted to keep this word, but to those who are granted this power and this revelation, I announce the same as Jude, earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

We are passing by special and sensitive days.They are days that for an alert and awake believer can be days of spiritual growth and progress. Because for him, more than any other time there is the possibility to compare his faith with the word of God, have God’s promises in mind, and survey his faith.

Therefore he (the true believer) does not need to wonder for the fiery trial that has been set on for him as though it were something unusual, but it pleases him to participate in Christ’s suffering. Because the believer knows he will rejoice in his glory.

Dears, the “ judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

Therefore those who are enduring burdens by the will of God, commit their souls to the faithful Creator. Promises that he has given us, are unique and precious. As we’ve heard he has said: “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you”

How can it be possible for a believer to understand these words?
Not only when he is focusing on Jesus Christ with adapting his life according to the life Jesus lived when he was on earth? As it is said ” O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken: Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory? And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.”

Have we not read and heard: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Many attempt to flee from their spiritual tests, and they have to face those same tests in a more difficult manner, because no one will be victorious by escaping from them, but with patience and humility he will be able to overcome all the tests, and gain victory.

Therefore in the place of Christ’s followers, we must not feel desperate, but we have to pray to God in supplication with more passion to help us with any assistance we may need.

According to what Paul has said: In every temptation, God himself will make a way for us to tolerate it.

O beloved ones, difficulties do not weaken mankind, but they reveal the true human nature.

It will be good for us to occasionally face persecutions and abnormalities, since these abnormalities will persuade us to search our hearts, and to survey ourselves. So as a result, we conclude that troubles are difficult, but usually good and useful to build us.

Dear brothers and sisters, we must be more careful than any other time. Because in these days, the hearts and thoughts of many are revealed, so that the faith is tested. May your treasure be where there is no moth and rust.

I would like to remind you of some verses that we nearly discuss everyday, (Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.) but as long as our human will has priority over God’s will, his will will not be done.

As we have learned from him in Gethsemane, he surrendered his will to the father, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

What we are bearing today, is a difficult but not unbearable situation, because neither he has tested us more than our faith and our endurance, nor does he do as such. And as we have known from before, we must beware not to fail, but to advance in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, And consider these bumps and prisons as opportunities to testify to his name. He said: If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

As a small servant, necessarily in prison to carry out what I must do, I say with faith in the word of God that he will come soon.”However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Discipline yourself with faith in the word of God. Retain your souls with patience. For there is no man that doeth anything in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly.
May you are granted grace and blessings increasingly in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Yusef Nadarkhani
Lakan Prison in Rasht


Ran hmanga inthawi

Ka khaw kalna thin pakhatah chuan ran hmanga inthawi hi an la ching hle a. An inthawina hmun hi; an khaw witch doctor thin thi ta thlan ani a. Heta hian kalin, sa leh thlaite, pawisa lem te kengin inthawina an hlan thin. An inthawina sa chu inah hawnin an ei thin. Damlo dam theih nante, tangka lama vanneihna an dawn theih nan te, an faten an lehkhazir tha taka an pass theih nante ani tlangpui.

He witch doctor thlan larna pakhat chu : Kum 14 vel kal ta khan ; pa pakhatin a fanu –taksa chanve zeng tawh tan inthawina arawn hlan a, thla 2 hnu velah a dam pui ta ani awm e.

Ngaihtuah peihte tan : Chhanchin Tha hril dan tha nia an sawi thin chu, mahni thil tawn ( testimony ) sawi ani thin. A dik viau nangin, experience emaw testimony chauhin awmzia aneih loh hun a awm fo thei. A fanu tan damna duh avanga, ran hmanga inthawia damna chhang hnenah khian —ISUAN a tihdam dan che han sawi eltiang mah la; “ Keipawh he thlana kan inthawina avang hian ka fanu a dam a lawm ! ISUA kher angai lo “ ati thei ngei ang. A ngaithlatu a zirin i thiltawn, testimony ropui tak emaw i tih kha, ran hmanga inthawina aiin a lo ropui lua lo thei tlat tihna anih chu !  THUTAK ( Truth ) tehna famkim atan hian experience leh testimony hi atawk lo .



Khaw thenawm atang leh province dang atangte pawhin he thlana inthawina hlan tur hian an rawn kal thin.


Tuma ui hlawh lovin a thi

Tuma ui hlawh lova thi hriat i nei em  ?  Han ngaihtuah vang vang la; Hitler, Paul Pots- te i rilruah an lo lang nghal mai thei e . Nimahsela, keini’n misual deuhva kan ngaihte pawh hi an han thih meuh chuan uitu hi an lo ngah zek thin.

Thih hnua infak leh inchawimawite hi kan tihdan tlangpui ani. Kan fak leh chawimawi ate berin an hre thei thin tawh silo erawh a lungchhiatthlak deuh. An chhungte hnemtu pakhat chu ni bawk mahse, anmahni ngei khan han hreve se aw tih tur hi atam khawp mai. Abikin Mizote hian damlaia in fak leh inchawimawi hi kan harsat hle. I ngaihsan deuh leh fel itih deuh pawh kha han sawi la; ‘ MAHSE, i hre lo anih kha..blah blah.. ‘ tia lo chhunzawm  nghal zat thei an kat nawk ang.

Hnamdang, abikin sap-ho hian infak leh inchawimawi, in fuih hi an thiam khawp hian ka hre thin ( uar lutuk deuh chang chu nei bawk mahse ). Thawh honaah pawh, kan tihve beitham leh thiam lo nia kan in hriat ngawih ngawihnaah pawh hian, kan tih tha lam kha min sawipui tlat a— mi fuih leh fak hi an thiam riau thin. Chu chuan keimahniah pawh, inrintawknate, lehpek atana phurna te nasa takin min siam sak thin. Baibul-ah pawh, kan ka atanga thu chhuakin thil athihthei zia pawh kan hmuh teuh hi ! Zepnak emaw, min sawisel rengtu te bula awm ai chuan, min faka min fuih thintute bula awm chu alo nuam nge nge.

Engpawhnise, he thu ka post chhan ber pakhat chu; a tira ka zawhna tawite mai khi ani!

Jehorama, Jehosaphata fapa ani a. Kum 32- anihin lal ani. Kum 8 alal hnuin athi. Lal huaikawmbawl leh lal bawlhhlawh , Pathianthu awih lo ani. Zawlnei Elija hmangin Pathianin a rawn zilhhau ta nghe nghe a. A thih ni alo thlen meuh chuan, tumah uitu pakhat mah anei lo ! A dam laia lal huat hlawh, a thi nia uitu nei lo; a thi an lawm zawk!!

Kan Baibulah;

2 Chronicles 21:20-ah chuan ti hian kan hmu, ” A lal tirhin kum sawmthum leh kum hnih a ni a, Jerusalem-ah kum riat a lal a; tuma ui hlawh lovin a thi a, Davida khawpuiah an phum a, lalho tlanah erawh chuan a ni lo. ” tiin.

Kan damlaiin mi zawng zawng kan ti lawm thei lo. Chu chu Pathian min phut pawh ani lo. Mahse, kan nun hian nitinin Krista nun mawi chu, engngemaw kawng talin kan mihringpui te lakah alan chhuahtirtur ani.

Kan ruang chungah hian miin engthu nge an rawn sawi ang le !?


Burning Fake Chinese Money

Chinese ho hian puithuna chi hrang hrang hrang an uar hle. Malsawmna leh hlawhtlinna duhin temple-ah te an kal fo thin. University zirlai zingah pawh an exam an tih that theih nan leh ngaihzawng tha tak an hmuh theih nan ten an kal fo thin. Chinese New Year lai phei hi chuan; kum thara malsawmna nasa zawk an dawn theih nan —- temple a kala inthawina hlan an uar hle. Incense leh Chinese pawisa lem : paper eng a siam an hal hluah hluah thin !



I Nunin Lalpa chawimawi rawh

Mahatma Gandhi chuan,” Kristian- te hian Baibula Isua zirtirna  hi zawmin nunpui se chuan; India ram hi Kristian ram ani tawh ang” tiin alo sawi tawh a.  Ngaihtuah ati thui khawp mai !

I sawi te Nun pui rawh :

Kristian lo tam tak ten Kristian nih an duhlohna chhan fo chu; Kristian Nun an en a, danglamna leh an nuna entawntlak an hmuh loh thin vang a ni. Thu tha tak tak kan sawite kan nunpui  thin loh  avang hian Kristian nihte, kohhrana in hman te an chak lo fo thin.

Mizo zingah pawh kan sawi fo thin, ” Kan thenawm kohhran upa hi vanram a kai chuan kei chu chhawng sarihnaah ka awm ang ” inkhawm ngai miah lo pawn ati bawng bawng ngam tlat. Kan biakin nun leh kan tualzal nun a danglam tlat thin !

Mihlim-nu pakhat, inkhawm leh lam peih em em mai chu, an pa zurui reng mai chuan,” Kan nu hi biakinah hian pem mai se atha ang. Biakinah hian a hlimin, alam reng thei a. In-ah erawh a phunin a ang reng mai a; thinrimna tur ringawt azawng a ” tiin.

Kristian tha / Ringtu tha nih hi, kan inkhawm tamah leh kan thawhlawm thawh tamah te a innghat ber lova. Kohhran committee peng hrang hranga kan tel tam-ah leh, sande sikul ka kai hnemah te a in nghat ber lo.

Keini ringtute hi kan nunin belhchian adawl tur ani a, belhchian ngam kan ni bawk tur ani.  Inkawm peih em em si, kohhran thiltih a a kulataia in hmang si te nunah hian miin engengmaw kawngtala danglamna leh ei tur an hmuh loh chuan kan Ringtu Nun hi kan fiah ngam tur ani ang.

Kan testamony hi, kan chenpui, kan hnathawhpui ten sawi rawh se!


Thlarau Hruai Ringtu :

Thlarau hruai han tih avang hian, lam bing bi let a, inlarna te hmu chuaih chuaih lam ani ngawt lova. Tawnghriatlohva tawng a, pulpit tlang atanga thu tha tak tak sawi ani ngawt lova.

Lal Isua nei tawh tak tak chu nitinin thlarau hruai ani nghal phawt a. Chuvang chuan a hnathawhnaah — ringlomite zingah pawh rinawm takin Krista Nun mawi alan chhuahtir tawh mai a. A rinawm a, a nelawm a, a insumthei a, a dawhthei a — Thlarau rah Galatia Bung 5 a kan hmuh kha a nunah Lapa tanpuinain alo lang chhuak mai thin. Kristian tak tak leh tak tak lo chu , ‘arah-ah‘ kan hre mai ani.


Nunin Hril Zawk se :

Scotish thusawitu ropui, Alexander Mc Laren chuan, ”  Bibul an chhiar ngun aiin kan nun hi an chhiar ngun zawk ” alo ti. Kan chetzia leh kan nitin nun te, ringtu nive loten min thilr reng avangin; kan nun kan ulukin kan fimkhur tur ani.Tirhkoh Peter-a pawh khan a ngaipawimawh hle a:

I Peter Bung 2:11- ah chuan, ” Jentailte,  ringlomite zinga in chetzia chu mawi tak ni rawh se, chutichuan thil tisualtute anga an sawichhiat che u kawngah chuan in thil tihthat an hmuhte avangin fanin an awm hunah chuan Pathian an chawimawi thei ang. [ italic added ]

Kan nitin nunah Krista Nun mawi kan lan chhuahtir chuan, ringlomite pawn Chhandamna hial pawh an lo chhang thei dawn ani.

Misawnari pakhat chu thingtlangah; hnam pakhat zingah misawnari tura tirh ani a. Kum 10 hnuah pawh an tawngin Pathian thu asawi thei lova. Tumah Kristianah a siam lo. Sum leh paia chhawmtu leh thawnchhuaktu pawl te chuan, Misawnari hlawhchham tiin an kokir a.

A aia lehkhathiam zawk an tir leh ta a. Ani chuan an tawngte pawh kum 2 chhungin a thiam thuai a. Zankhat chu, Isua film an khaw tual zawlah a chhuah a.  Khua ami zawng zawng chuan ngun takin an en a.


“He film-a in hmuh Isua hi, in PATHIAN, Lal leh CHHANDAMTU atana in actions-speak-louder-than-wordspawm duh anih chuan in thuthmunah khan lo ding chhuak ru ” tiin sawmna a siam ta a. An zavai chuan an ding ta vek mai a! Misawnari chuan awih har a ti kher mai. Misawnari awm hmasa zawk khan kum 10 chhung pawn Kristianah pakhat mah asiam thei lo kha ani si a.


Mipui lo pungkhawm hnenah chuan, ” Zanina in thutlukna siam hi apawimawh ania, ngun takin ngaihtuah rawh u khai. ” ati nawn leh a. Mipui ho chuan, ” Zanina LAL ISUA, film a kan hmuh hi, kum 10 chhung kan zingah alo chheng tawh thin alawm ” tiin an chhang a .

Misawnari hlawhchham ni a miten an ngaih thawhrah kha a seng ve chauh zawk alo ni !  An tawngin Isua chanchin hrilh thei lo mahse, a NUNIN Lal Isua chanchin Tha chu ril takin alo puang ani si a.


Hawh u, Keini ringtute hian; kan hnathawhna hmunahte, kan lehkha zirna hmunah te, sumdawnna hmunah te — Thu a Lal Isua hming kan sawi thei lo  anih pawhin; kan NUN in i chawmawi zel ang u.

I nunin Lalpa a chawimawi em le ?

Kristian Apologetics lama tui mite tan

Hriatna lo pung hian kan fate a nuai a, keini pawh min nuai mek anih hi. Mizo thangthar zingah chuan; nu leh pate kristian an nih vang maia kristian hi atam zawk kan ni awm e. Kan Rinna kawng a nghet taka ding tura inzirtirna kohhran lamin kan nei tha mang si lova.Thiamna leh hriatna lo pung zel-ah hian; kan tu leh fate—keimahni ngei pawh hi ding ngheh harsa tih chang kan nei fo thin.

Kohhran tam zawk hian, Baibul thute hi kan belchiang lem lo; tlema a chik peih leh zir peih deuh chu kalsual tur leh pawlchhuak tur huangah kan dah deuh tlat zel a. A lang lam leh a rau kan tih lam ringawtah kan inhnangfak fo mai.

Communist rama rawngbawla han awm takah phei chuan, apologetic lam atanga kan Chanchin Tha hrilh duhte kan beih angaih hun a awm fo mai. Rawngbawltu i nih kher loh pawhin—-i hnathawhna hmunah, i thian zingah i sakhaw vawn ang vuan lo an awm chuan, engngemaw chang talin; i sakhaw vawn chanchin chu i sawi angaih hun a awm foin ka ring.

Tin, achang phei chuan kan Kristian puite zingah hlei hlei hian zawhna harsa a chhuak thin lenghal.

Hetiang lam panga inhnialna leh ngaihdante han sawitlan hian mi tisawt fo thin bawk. Inhriatsiak na lam ani lo. Mihlim-nuho te’n; rau lo riauin hre mahse; a rau hle ani !

Paula pawn  Petera chu hetiang hian a fuih a; 1 Peter 3:15 —

but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect..”

Hetiang lam hawi; zawhna leh ngaihdan tunhnai hian pawh a awm nual a. Heng : Reply to William Ralte, Thutak nge Rinthu, Zawhna (hahthlak) –Murder in the name of Religion, Zawhna (thutak ) .

Kan sakhaw vawn leh kan Rin PATHIAN a chanchin leh a hnathawh dante; humhima, chhan thei tur chuan keimahni ngeiin kan hriatchian hmasak angai ani.

Heng a hnuaia website ka rawn tarlan hote hi; apologetic lama ka thulakna leh hriatna lama minpuitu te an ni a. Google hmang pawn azawnchhuah teuh thei ngei ang, mahse; heng hi ka duhzual te an ani.

Hetiang lam tuimiten in lo hman tangkaive theih takin tiin ka rawn share ani e.

1. Ravi Zacharias

Apologist zinga ka ngaihthlak tam ber leh ka ngaihsan em em Ravi Zacharias, India apiang leh seilian. Mormon ( Latter day saint church ) pawhin; evangelical kristian zinga DL Moody-a hnua an Tabernacle athusawi tura an sawm awm chhun. Oxford & Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton leh Yale tih vela University zirlaite zawhna leh chhanna hmanpui thintu ani.

A lehkhabu ziak thenkhatte pawh hi apolologetics lama tuimi tan chuan chhiat ngei chi.
–Can Man live without God
–Jesus Among other Gods
The end of reason
The Grand Weaver
–The Real Face of Atheism

An website : – ta tang hian athusawi te download mai thei ani e.

2. Apologetics Audio :

Hetah hian Christian-na chungchanga, mithiam tak tak te:  debate leh sawihona ngaihthlka tur tam tak a awm.

3. Alpologetics. org :

He website-ah hian, Kristianna leh a kaihhnawih tam tak; article tha tak tak a awm a. Kristian writer leh Apologist a, mihrang tih loh theih lo; C.S.Lewis  hminga Society din  leh Trinity College of Florida -ten an sponsored ani.

4. Answers in Genesis :

He website hi Kristian apologist, mithiam tak takten; Kum 1970-a andin pawlin an siam ani. Abikin, Genesis lehkhabua a zawhna awm theite leh a kaihhnawih science nena tangkawp a chhanna ani a.

5. Lee Strobel :

Ani hi, atheist ni thin, Kristian a inlet ani a. The Chicago Tribune a legal editor ani. A lehkhabu ziak te pawh hi chhiar ngei ngei atan atha ani.

—The Passion of the Christ.

—The Case for Christ

—The Case for Faith

The Case for a Creator

Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary.

The case for Christ phei hi chu i la chhiar lo ani chuan lo chhiarve ngei rawh khai!

6. Josh McDowell :

He website-ah pawh hian teaching leh article tha tak tak a awm.

Agnostic ni thin, a college kal laia Kristian ni ta ani. A lehkhabu ziak; More tha a carpenter, tih phei hi chu copy sang tam tak hralh ani a, tawng chi hrang hranga lehlin ani tawh bawk. Chhiar ngei chi.

7. Reasonable Faith : William Lane Craig

He website-ah hian article, teaching leh lehkhabu  chhiara ngaihthlak tur tam tak a awm. William Lane Craig hi lehkhathiam, mifing leh pa fel hmel tak a ni. Athiest tam tak a lo debate tawh bawk.

A sei lutuk dawn e. Duhtawk hrih pawt ang.

Mizo tawng e-Bible

China ka awm hnu hian Mizo ( Lushai ) Bible hi ka chhiar tam lo khawp mai a. Saptawng thiam vang pawh nichuang lovin; saptawng bible hi ka chhiar tam ber a, adawtah Chinese Bible hi ani awm e.

Chhiar ngai lo mahila, mahni pianpui tawng Baibul chu neih atha e tiin ka kawl reng thin a. Kum 2006- khan kan thianpa Wycliffe athawkin, ka Mizo tawng Baibul chu kawlve a duha; leiah min dil a, lei lovin apekin ka pe ta a. Khata tang phei kha chuan Mizo Baibul hi ka kawl ta lo.

Youth Internet Ministry website ( thahnemngaihna leh thawhrimna zarah; Baibul pumpui chu an website-ah khan an dah thin a—Mizo Baibul enduh chang chuan ka hmang mai thin.

Mahse, engngemaw lai atang khan an website-hi aluh theih ta tlat lohva. Mizo tawnga thu han ziahve duh a; Mizo Baibul han rawn duh chang hian ka buaithei hle. Khampat.comin,  an siam lah hi ka computera ka download hian adik thei re re lo mai a. Ka zawn ka zawn hnuah; vanneihthlak takin—T.D Zalawmpuia blog-ah, youthim ho siam kha download tur ka hmu ta hlauh mai a. Ka van lawm em!

In download -ve duh chuan link hi clik mai tur : Mizo e-Bible