Chhurbura roh em em; Nahaia'n neihsak phet a tum!

Christian Film

Restless Heart: The Confession of Agustine

St. Agustine hi ka mi ngaihsan ani. A film chu, favang vel hian tichhuah tum ani. Ka enchak tawh ngei mai. Django  a chang, Franco Nero atel dawn bawk.



Beyond The Next Mountain

He film hi ka lola en pek lova, ka Irish thianpain youtube link min rawn pek atangin ka lo hre ve chauhva. Pu Rochhunga Pudaite leh Zo hnahthlak Hmar hnamte’n Bible an lo neih dan ani.

Ka la enchhuak hman lova, sawi belh vak tur ka hre hrih lo. Hei alink ka rawn chhawpchhuaka, la enlo in awm takin. Lo enve ngei teh u. A zahpuiawm loh hmel khawp mai.

A chunga link ka dah atang hian a dang pawn entheihin arawn lang mai ang chu maw. Youtube-ah hian Segment 1 -10 a awm a, a film pumpui ani leh nih loh ka hre hran lo.

AMAZON -in: Product description atarlan dan chuan :

At the close of the 19th century, the British branded the Hmar people of northeast India as “the worst headhunters.” It was a label well deserved at the time. But in 1910, a single copy of the New Testament Gospel of John came into this village and changed the course of history for the Hmar people. Through that single copy of John’s Gospel, Chawnga, the father of Rochunga Pudaite, was introduced to a revolutionary “new life in Christ.”

He and a few tribesmen “forsook all and followed Christ.” Chawnga believed that Rochunga was God’s chosen instrument to bring the Scriptures to the entire Hmar tribe in their own language.

This is the story of Rochunga’s personal pilgrimage. It is an unforgettable saga of his dedication to a vision and of the Lord’s direction in his life. Filmed in India, Hawaii, Scotland and America, this beautiful film will be enjoyed by the entire family.